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Booth Area:180

Exhibition Date:2018-6-19

Exhibition:London International Security Technology Exhibition

Exhibition Venue:London, Las vegas


The application of Wes Modular System in the design and construction of Samsung overseas security show in the China Exhibition design United States and the United Kingdom are as follows:

Main image / Design languageModular design is adopted for the lintels of the two booths, which unifies the lintel image and increases the level sense of booth design. At the same time, according to different exhibition themes, different main colors are adopted to activate the booth image

Display areaAll display cabinets are designed to be movable and modular , which can be combined and assembled at will

Functional area and storageAll functional areas and storage  are square, convenient for space use.

Through the combination design of the above three points, we have achieved a  unified image, strong identification , strong combination, and also successfully created a unified brand image for Samsung  at the 2018 US and UK International security expo.

Features of  Wes Modular System of Yoodon :unified image, strong identification , strong combination,modular,applicable worldwide.

       SAMSUNG-2018  ISC WEST Las Vegas-190sq.m                                      SAMSUNG-2018 ISC London-220sq.m

 SAMSUNG-2018  ISC WEST Las Vegas-190sq.m   


 SAMSUNG-2018 ISC London-220sq.m

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    Venue:London, England Date:2018-06-19 Exhibition:IFSEC 2018 Industry:Security