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Costa Rica Food Pavilion

Booth Area:120

Exhibition Date:2019


Exhibition Venue:HONGKONG,TOKYO


Ministry of Commerce of Costa Rica participated in AFL Asia Expo, which is the largest and only professional exhibition for fresh fruits and vegetables in Asia, As a global strategic partner of the Ministry of Commerce of Costa Rica, the booth we designed for Costa Rica perfectly embodies the World Exhibition Solution of Yoodon which is a high-standard China exhibition constructor.

The application of World Exhibition Solution System in the design and construction of Costa Rica at AFL and Foodex in Tokyo and Hongkong are as follows:

Main image / Design language:modular design is adopted for the lintel of these booths, which is a two-sided light box or soft film with oral type, unifying the global visual image of Costa Rica booth, displaying the national image and natural scenery of Costa Rica

Flexible and applicable: suitable for different booth areas, different booth openings, unifying Costa Rica's national image

Display area: all display shelves are designed in combination, which can be assembled and assembled at will, so as to facilitate the on-site product placement of exhibitors

Functional area and storage:All functional areas and storage  are square, convenient for space use.

Through the combination design of the above four points, we have achieved a  unified image, strong identification , strong combination, and also successfully created a unified brand image for Costa Rica at the 2019 TOKYO and HONGKONG International Food Expo.


Costa Rica Food Pavilion-2019 AFL HONGKONG-120 sq.m                Costa Rica Food Pavilion-2019 FOODEX TOKYO-90 sq.m                            Costa Rica Food Pavilion-2019 CIIE SHANGHAI-150 sq.m  


     Costa Rica Food Pavilion-2019 AFL HONGKONG-120 sq.m 



Costa Rica Food Pavilion-2019 FOODEX TOKYO-90 sq.m 


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