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Booth Area:300

Exhibition Date:2018-04


Exhibition Venue:Shanghai


The more concise the design is, the more love and pursuit for quality we can convey , the more international quality we can highlight.We believe that a perfect design, not because it has no extras can be added, but because there is no spare part can be removed.The booth we designed for Yuwell perfectly embodies the design concept of "Less is more" of Yoodun.


The application of “Less is more” in the design and construction of Yuwell CMEF show in the China booth construction are as follows:

International design language and brand image: it adopts the design language of international simple lines which is perfectly applicable to all regions of the world

Concise: Concise but grand design style, bringing the audience a bright and transparent visual experience, so as to create a high-end quality corporate image among the target customers

Less cost:Simplifying the shape, simplifying the design and abandoning the decoration without practical significance can greatly reduce the cost of exhibiting company

Through the combination design of the above three points, we have achieved a International design language and brand image , Concise , Less costalso successfully created a high-end, simple and international brand image for Yuwell at the 2018 CMEF show.

Yuwell-2018 CMEF 300 sq.m                             

Yuwell-2018 CMEF 300 sq.m        


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