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China stand construction for FHC

Date:2020-05-11 Source:Shanghai Yoodon Exhibition Co.,Ltd. Reading volume:1178

Exhibitor: Jorge group
Exhibition: FHC
Booth area:162 Sqm  
Exhibition date:2017-11
Exhibition venue:Shanghai, China 
Service: Booth design & Construction
Main material: Wooden made,spray paint
Floor:10cm raised platform with floor
Contractor: Yoodon exhibition Shanghai Limited

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About FHC:

FHC Shanghai Global Food Trade Show is the leading comprehensive exhibition platform in China. Its main exhibits including Seafood, High-end dairy Products & Oils; Tea & Coffee, Bakery & Gelato; Snacks, Confectionary &chocolate; High-end Food Supply Chain; Catering design & decoration. The exhibits range will be further expanded in 2020. On the basis of the original theme pavilions, the theme pavilions of canned food, hotpot ingredients and supplies and international catering brand supply chain will be added, which will enrich the food scope and the field of local cuisine culture more widely. Professional exhibition areas and a series of diversified international competitions and forums will jointly create an exciting stage. Interactive communication channels such as trade matching and professional forums will also meet the needs of domestic and foreign audiences for international food, service and market expansion at FHC.

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